Student Learning Outcomes

Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies Student Learning Outcomes


Students will examine literacy as a social practice influenced by cultures
  • Conducts research with an awareness of cultural difference, demographic lenses, and individual biases
  • Understands how social media is constructed by participants as well as by the architecture of the platform.
  • Understands how genres are constructed through social/ discourse community
  • Demonstrates the ability to analyze cultural differences and create  effective texts for target audiences.
Students will conduct research, analysis and assessment of a variety of texts
  • Demonstrates ability to conduct scholarly research using multiple relevant sources.  
  • Understands and can analyze citation conventions and apply appropriately.
  • Understands the use of and demonstrates the ability to analyze and incorporate resources.
  • Understands the purpose and processes of inquiry.
Students will create texts appropriate for contexts and audiences using both print and digital technologies
  • Demonstrates understanding of genre conventions appropriate to a context and audience.
  • Can understand, analyze and apply concepts of fair use.
  • Uses theories to analyze contextual properties, effectively repurposing material to a rhetorical situation.
  • Understands concepts and application of universal design and access.