Cat Mahaffey

Cat Mahaffey
Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies
Senior Lecturer
Cameron 144

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Ph.D. Student, Texas Tech University
M.A. English, University of North Carolina Charlotte

    Research Interests
    • Rhetoric and New Media
    • Accessibility
    • Online / Digital Literacy
    • Online Writing Instruction (OWI)
    Selected Presentations

    “#teachingbydesign: Cultivating Critical Digital Literacy.” (2019). 8th Annual International Critical Media Literacy (ICML) Conference. Savannah, Georgia.

    “The Cart Before the Horse: One Program’s Missteps in Shifting to OWI.” (2019). Visions & Sites of Online Literacy Education: Online Conference of Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (GSOLE). Online.

    “Pathways and Corridors: Finding Your Path as an NTT (Online) Writing Studies Scholar and WPA.” (2018) What if We Tried This? Innovating Writing Programs. Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) Conference. Sacramento, California.

    “Pedagogy of the (Dis)Enfranchised: Redefining the Terms for Contingent Communities of Practice.” (2018) Languaging, Laboring, and Transforming. Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) 69th Annual Convention. Kansas City, Missouri.

    “Developing GSOLE Principles and Guidelines for Online Literacy Instruction.” (2018) First International Online Conference of Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (GSOLE). Online.

    “Design Once, Teach Twice: Flexible Course Design for Online and Onsite Teaching.” (2017) Cultivating Capacity, Creating Change. Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) 68th Annual Convention. Portland, Oregon.

    “Reading is Research: Approaches to Teaching Critical Reading and Inquiry.” (2016). Transcendent Literacies. University Writing Program 3rd Annual Conference, UNC Charlotte.

    “There and Back Again: How Designing an Online Course Changed the Way I Teach Writing.” (2016). Writing Strategies for Action. Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) 67th Annual Convention. Houston, Texas.

    Selected Publications

    Mahaffey, C. & Walden, A. (Forthcoming). “#teachingbydesign: Complicating Accessibility in the Tech-Mediated Classroom.” Emerging Technologies in Virtual Learning Environments. Ed. Kim Becnel. IGI Global.

    Mahaffey, C. & Rieman, J. (2019). “Developing a Writing About Writing Curriculum.” Next Steps: New Directions for/in Writing About Writing. Ed. Barbara Bird, Doug Downs, I. Moriah McCracken, Jan Rieman. Utah State UP.

    Mahaffey, C. (2018) Review of Teaching, Learning, Literacy in our High-Risk High-Tech World: A Framework for Being Human. James Paul Gee. (2017). Research in Online Literacy Education (ROLE), 1.2

    Mahaffey. C. (2017) “The Age of Impetus or My Life as a Blogger.” RE :Composing. Ed. Julie Cook, Ashlyn Walden. Fountainhead Press.

    Mahaffey, C. (2015) “Writer’s Portfolios: Instructor Goals v. Program Assessment.” The Writing Campus. Sponsored by George Mason University, UNC Charlotte.

    Mahaffey, C. (since 2012) Reflections on Teaching First-Year Writing. Professional Blog.

    Courses Taught 
    • (Faculty Development Course) Online Writing Instruction
    • LBST 2301 Access and the Rhetoric of Digital Texts
    • First-Year Writing (UWRT 1103/1104): Writing and Inquiry in Academic Contexts I and II
    • UWRT 1103 Honors