About The University Writing Program

Whether you’re transitioning from high school, the English Language Training Institute here at UNC Charlotte, or transferring from another institution of higher education, you’re probably wondering what kind of writing you’ll be doing in your first year at UNC Charlotte. What is a UWRT course anyway?

Most colleges and universities require students to take one or two writing courses during their first year to fulfill their general education requirements. These first-year writing courses serve as the foundation for writing practice that will continue as you progress through your studies. To understand what these courses will be like, it’s helpful to understand how they might be different than other writing courses you have taken.

Featured Article

"Portfolios in Writing Classes: Instructor Goals v. Program Assessment"

Cat Mahaffey reflects on the role of the portfolio in the writing classroom and beyond in her blog post "Portfolios in Writing Classes: Instructor Goals v. Program Assessment," featured in The Writing Campus: A Blog for Writing Across the Curriculum Faculty.