What to do if...

I have a personal issue that is keeping me from attending class

Many times students encounter problems in their personal lives that keep them from being able to attend class. Sometimes such problems are short-term and involve missing just one or two classes but other times they may result in excessive absences. Whatever the case, your first move should always be to discuss your absences with your instructor. You do not have to divulge private information to your instructor. It should be enough to say that you have a personal issue that is keeping your from attending class. Ask your instructor if you may complete late or missed work and stay caught up on writing assignments. We also recommend that you notify the Dean of Students Office who can determine whether your situation meets their requirements for sending a note to all of your instructors, asking them to consider working with you during this time. You should know, though, that ultimately it is up to the discretion of each instructor as to whether or not s/he will honor such requests from the Dean’s Office.

You may also want to seek help at the Counseling Center, where you may meet confidentially with counselors who may be able to provide the help that you need.

I want to do a grade replacement

The process for Grade Replacement has recently been updated; you can now do it online.  More information about this new process, including an online instructional video and a link to add/drop dates, can be found on the Registrar's webpage for the Grade Replacement Policy. Note: An Academic Petition to apply the grade replacement policy to a class taken prior to Fall 2007 will not be approved. There are no exceptions to the details of the policy as outlined in the undergraduate catalog.

I want to nominate my instructor for an award

To write a letter of praise you may send your original and signed letter to Dr. Cy Knoblauch, Director of First-Year Writing, First-Year Writing, College of Arts and Sciences, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223. Please include your student ID number for authentification purposes.

I have a complaint about my instructor

First, talk to your instructor to try to resolve the issue. Sometimes problems may be solved by simply talking about them. If you find yourself unable to reach an acceptable solution, however, then you should email Dr. Jan Rieman, Associate Coordinator of First-Year Writing. You may also phone her at 704‑687‑3266. She is available to mediate a conversation with you and your instructor, if necessary.

I want to contest a grade

First, meet in person with your instructor and ask him or her to explain how your grade was determined.  Such discussions must occur in person because it is a violation of your privacy to discuss grades over email.  If you have done that and still believe that you have been unfairly graded, then you should formally contest the grade.

The full grade appeal policy can be found in the undergraduate catalog's Degree Requirements and Academic Regulations under the heading "Grading and Related Policies." Review this policy closely, and learn about when it is appropriate to initiate a grade appeal, and how to do so, from the Grade Appeal Guide.