Student FAQs

What are the First-Year Writing Courses?

There are two possibilities for completing your General Education first-year writing requirements. Your advisor will tell you which course is right for you. You are expected to complete your FYW requirements during your first year.



1) One 4-hour hybrid course:

UWRT 1104 in the fall or spring of your first year. (4 credit hours)

(3 hours face-to-face  and 1 hour online instruction)


2) One 3-hour face-to-face course:

UWRT 1103 in the fall or spring of your first year. (3 credit hours)


Which UWRT courses should I take?

The first-year writing curriculum is designed to meet a variety of student needs, and one course is no better or harder than the other. They are just different. Both have the same learning outcomes and our entire faculty teach combinations of both courses offered.

UWRT placement is determined by high school performance, SAT and ACT scores. Check your Advising Transcript on Banner for your University Writing Placement code.

WR04 = UWRT 1104

WR03 = UWRT 1103

What if I am an International Student or my first language is not English?

The First-Year Writing program provides an opportunity for International students whose first language is not English to enroll in UWRT classes with a global emphasis.

Please contact Dr. Jan Rieman for more information (

What about AP credit?

A score of  4 or 5 on the AP Language and Composition exam will give you credit for UWRT 1103. This means you have completed your General Educaction First-year writing requirement at UNC Charlotte and do not need any further UWRT courses.

What if I’m a transfer student with UWRT credit?


Your transcript on Banner will show what credits you’ve received from previous institutions. Transfer students have the same first-year writing requirements as new freshmen. If you transfer in credit for UWRT 1101, UWRT 1102, UWRT 1103 or UWRT 1104,  you have completed your General Education first-year writing requirement at UNC Charlotte and do not need any further UWRT courses. 

If you transfer in with 64 hours or more credit hours from a U.S. institution, you will be exempt from meeting the first-year writing requirement for General Education. Please check with your advisor about your transfer credits, but always feel free to write and ask us questions about your transfer writing credits.   

Who do I contact if I want my transfer credit evaluated?

Contact the Associate Director of First-Year Writing, Dr. Jan Rieman (