Ashlyn Walden

Associate Director | Senior Lecturer | First-Year Writing |Associate Editor Writing Studies Journal | University Writing Program
Cameron 159

Areas of Interest:

  • First Generation College Students
  • Grammars and American English Dialects
  • Rhetorical Reading Strategies
  • Discourse Analysis & Literacy Studies

Selected Presentations:

“Re-Envisioning Grammar Instruction: A Method of Socio-Cultural Inquiry.” Conference: Reenvision, Recreation, Reformation. Virginia Tech.  Blacksburg: February 2012. 

“Divide the Power: Share the Benefits: Tutors and WRC Committee Work.”  North Carolina Symposium on Teaching.  North Carolina State University. Conference: A‘Non-Place’ to Visit: Exploring The Employment Practices And Working Conditions That Affect Writing nstructors. Raleigh: February 2012.

“Learnin’ Y’all Some Grammar: Metalinguistics and Grammar Instruction.”  North Carolina English Teachers Association.  Wake Forest University. Conference: Finding Common Ground. Winston-Salem: September 2011.


First-Year Writing