About UWRT 2101

UWRT 2101 Course Description 

This course prepares students to write in their majors while at the university and to transfer that knowledge to multiple settings waiting for them after graduation. Students will learn to rhetorically examine traditional (print, multimodal, digital) and non-traditional texts (e.g., disciplinary activities, spaces, gesture) that provide clues to key features of a community: what language is important to them? What stands for evidence in the field? How is evidence collected and examined, arranged, presented? What forms and formats are used in particular contexts—and by whom?

Each student will investigate the activities that lead to the range of writing in the discipline they plan to enter, or one in which they are interested. Learning rhetorical analysis through practice in short assignments, online forums, and group practices, students will produce a researched project of writing in the field that will serve as a personal guide to understanding and completing assignments within the university. The project will also examine how writing in the university compares to the writing done once students in that discipline/area graduate; this will serve as a guide to how students can transfer what they learn in college to their future work lives.